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Sensitivity for Animals

If people are not sensitive themselves they have little or no awareness of what sensitivity is or means to those who do possess this quality. In the same way, it is known that certain dog breeds are overall more sensitive than others. When considering a pure bred dog to enter you life, it is worthwhile to know what you and your household members are in this respect. Choose a breed of dog that is a good match. If you are less sensitive and your family members are also, pick a breed who is less sensitive, along with other characteristics that match well.

The Westminster Kennel Club 139th Annual All Breed Dog Show 2015

The Westminster Kennel Club 139th Annual All Breed Dog Show Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - USA Network Live 8-11 PM ET / 5-8 PM PT The 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is set to get underway on Monday. The two-day event will take place at the Piers 92/94 in New York and at Madison Square Garden. The second day will take place solely at Madison Square Garden. Throughout the event, dogs will perform various exercises and will compete in cosmetic competitions. The coveted title is, as always, the Best In Show award.

Reducing the amount of food you give your growing

Some studies are showing that by reducing the amount of food you give your growing large breed puppy by 20% the risk of them developing joint problems such as, Hip Dysplasia is lowered by as much as 50%. Genetics may not play as big a part in reducing this issue in dogs as previously thought. Environment and food may play a bigger factor. When you think about feeding your dog, look at the quality of food you feed. After that, realize that by feeding your dog 20% less food, you could even go to a better food for your dog because he is eating less.