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Not all groomers are concerned about whether

Not all groomers are concerned about whether your dog’s coat should be kept or not during the summer. It is faster and easier for them to simply cut it, and allows for more clients and more money in a given day. Most pure bred breeds especially have very specific coats for their breed. “Canine Grooming Secrets” helps identify correct helpful methods to deal with your dog’s coat.

When traveling with your pet

When traveling with your pet, it is best to not feed regular sized meals if the dog is in the car for hours at a time. It is better to wait until you are at a long resting spot or done traveling for the day before giving a large meal. Download the volumes of ‘Holiday with the Dogs’ that address the basics in travel for you and your pet.

Traveling with your pet?

Besides the great information within the e-book series offered on this site, some new wave technology available. You can now purchase devices for your dog to wear in case he wanders off while in a strange area. And, there are choices: Motorola Scout, GIBI, TRAX, PETHUB Signal Tags….However, if someone STEALS your dog, they can take off the technology. So, as a base line product, it is very useful to also micro chip your pet at your vets office.