About Us

The intention of the site is to provide pet owners significant points on matters of pet ownership. It will also, by assisting you, help serve the well being of your pets. If you’re on the run and want quick information you’ve forgotten or not considered, for very little money you can go to the site and find specific answers that pertain to what you need and want. You will be able to quickly download what you need and want to your phone and take it with you. 

I have been a pure breed dog breeder of a sheep-herding dog for decades. Wishing to match the high levels and standards of any great breeder worldwide I have searched for knowledge and wisdom for a long time. Part of what is here is the result of that seeking over the years. It is a privilege to offer you key points in a simple, fast, easy format,and provide real information.
 If you would like to see information on the breed I have long work with I have a book written that you can buy at the site, BRIARDS PAST AND PRESENT. Purchasing it from the site will give you a signed copy, which will be sent to you directly.
There will be tips given on pet issues. You will be able to leave your comments and add tips, or ask questions  to share with others that use the site as a community.

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