Holidays With The Dogs eBook One: Puppy Proofing your Holiday

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Content Page
Introduction 7
Lost for the Holidays 8
10 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Holidays 12
Tip Number One: Keep Decorations Off the Floor 12
Tip Number Two: Candles Should Be Out of Reach 12
Tip Number Three: Puppy Proof Your Christmas Tree 13
Tip Number Four: Ramp Up the Training 14
Tip Number Five: Supervise Your Dog Through the Holidays 15
Tip Number Six: Keep Presents Out of Reach 15
Tip Number Seven: Be Watchful of Exits 16
Tip Number Eight: Avoid Too Much of a Good Thing 16
Tip Number Nine: Allow Your Dog to Unwind 17
Tip Number Ten: Be Proactive 17
Plant Dangers During the Holidays 18

If you own a dog, then you probably know that there is a whole new level of complication around the holidays. Where do we take the dog? What do we get for the dog? How do we manage holidays with family when we have a dog?

For some, these questions can be easily answered, but for others, it takes a lot of planning, juggling and a few frustrations to make it through the holidays with their dogs.

In the Holidays with the Dogs series, we will look at all of the challenges a dog owner faces and how to get through the holidays with both your sanity and your dog intact. We will look at how to make your holidays safe for your dog, as well as tips on helping your dog to react appropriately to guests, how to bring your dog along for the holidays and how to find the best kennel for your dog.

But the main point of this series is to celebrate life with your dog. We all know how special a holiday can be for a family, especially when that family includes a furry companion. We will be starting each book off with a heart-warming story that really shows how wonderful having a dog during the holidays can be.