Holidays With The Dogs eBook Ten: Keeping Those New Year´s Resolutions

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Introduction 127
Homesick Holidays 128
New Year’s Resolution 131
Resolution Number One: Weight Loss 131
Resolution Number Two: Get Healthy 132
Resolution Number Three: Spend More Time Together 132
Resolution Number Four: Break Bad Habits 133
Resolution Number Five: Do Better Next Year 134


So the holidays are finally over and you probably have a few New Year’s resolutions that you really need to stick to. And I’m also sure, if you look at your special canine friend, that you can think of a few New Year’s resolutions involving him.

Maybe it is to have your dog lose a few extra pounds, or maybe you are making the resolution to spend a bit more time together. Whatever your resolution, now is a great time to start it, whether the New Year is just around the corner or you are simply getting an early start on next year’s resolutions.

In this guide, we will look at a few New Year’s resolutions that you can make with your dog, and how you can keep them.