Holidays With The Dogs eBook Six: Choosing the Perfect Gift

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Introduction 80
A Hanukkah Miracle 81
Choosing the Perfect Gift 84
Gift Idea Number One: Dog Beds 84
Gift Idea Number Two: Chew Toys. 85
Gift Idea Number Three: Clothes 86
Gift Idea Number Four: Fetch Toys 87
Gift Idea Number Five: Practical Gifts 88

A dog owner will tell you that their beloved canine is the perfect gift. However, finding a perfect gift for their beloved pet isn’t always easy.

In the world of dog products, there are thousands of items to choose from, and navigating through pet stores can become overwhelming. This guide is all about making the search for that special gift easier. It is also intended to provide you with a little guidance on how to choose the best products. Like all the books in our holiday series, we start with a wonderful little story to brighten your holidays.