Holidays With The Dogs eBook Seven: Your Dog, the Gracious Host

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Introduction 92
Holiday Dinner Disaster 93
Perfect Holiday Manners 97
Leave It 97
Crate/Settle 99
Off 100
Meet and Greet 101

Let’s face it: the holidays are a time when people get together and celebrate. It doesn’t matter what holidays you choose to observe or the number of people in your circle; you are sure to have the occasional guest over during the holiday season.

And, of course, having people over means that they will be interacting with your dog in some manner or another. If you have a perfectly behaved pooch, then chances are you won’t have too many problems; however, if you have a dog that has his share of quirks, then those family and friend get-togethers may seem like a chore not worth undertaking.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can teach any dog how to be the perfect host, at least through the holidays.