Holidays With The Dogs eBook Nine: Winding Down from the Holidays

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Introduction 116
New Year, New Day, Old Schedule 117
Getting Back to the Grind 120
Schedule Tip Number One: Remind Yourself 120
Schedule Tip Number Two: It All Starts with Food 120
Schedule Tip Number Three: Pick Up Those Toys 122
Schedule Tip Number Four: Crate Time 123
Schedule Tip Number Five: Exercise 123


The holidays can be a pretty exciting time, with visitors, trips to see family and a host of other things like shopping, entertaining and relaxing. There is little doubt that the whole holiday season plays havoc on routines and schedules, and by the time the New Year swings around, the schedule has flown out the window.

Although dogs usually have their own internal clock when it comes to their schedules, it is possible for them to get thrown off their schedule because of our own. Let’s face it: feeding times, exercise routines and a range of other scheduled activities that you do with your dog can be changed and, in some cases, forgotten while you are navigating the holidays.

While it may seem simple to get back into the routine, there are often a few hurdles that you have to get through to make it easier and faster to get back into that daily schedule.