Holidays With The Dogs eBook Eight: Reducing Holiday Blues

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Introduction 104
Maggie and Magnus 105
Reducing Holiday Stress 108
Separation Anxiety 108
Object Fear 109
Marking 111
Visitor Stress 111
Tips to Reduce Those Holiday Blues 112

Holidays can be a tough time of year for everyone. Let’s face it, holiday blues have been touched on by just about everyone, including Dr. Phil. However, humans aren’t the only ones to feel stress during the holidays.

In fact, more and more owners are realizing that dogs can suffer from just as much stress as humans can. This can lead to the dog behaving in a melancholy manner that can be heartbreaking to see.

Instead of simply watching your dog struggle through his stresses, this guide will help you navigate some of the stressors of the holiday season and make this holiday a much more enjoyable one for everyone.