Life With Puppy eBook Eight: Puppy Needs a Friend

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Introduction 5
The What and Why of Socializing 6
What is socialization? 6
Why is socialization important? 6
When should socialization start? 7
Where should socialization take place? 8
Stages of Puppy Socialization Development 10
Stage One: Neonatal Period 10
Stage Two: Transitional Period 11
Stage Three: Awareness Period 11
Stage Four: Canine Socialization Period 12
Stage Five: Human Socialization Period 14
Stage Six: Dominance Period 14
Stage Seven: Fear Periods 16
Stage Eight: Flight Instinct Period 16
Stage Nine: Maturity 17
How to Socialize Your Puppy 19
The What and Why of Socializing the your puppy

Socialization. I am sure that you have heard the word many times when you were looking for a new puppy. Socialization is emphasized, but it is rarely explained why that is.

Socialization is important because it teaches the dog how to behave around other animals and people. In addition, it helps curb problems such as aggression and fearfulness.

It allows your puppy to go out in public and will aid him when he is an adult. However, despite everything that is said about early socialization, it is often something that owners miss out on or do not do properly.

In addition, once the first puppy socialization class is over, many owners stop socializing their dog and believe that that stage of training is over. The simple truth of the matter is that socialization is a lifelong journey and it is important to continue socializing your dog throughout his lifetime.

However, in this book, we are simply going to look at the beginning of socializing and how to start your puppy on socializing.