Canine Grooming Secrets eBook Three: Understanding Grooming Needs

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Introduction 5
The Young Puppy’s Grooming Needs 6
Grooming for Socialization 6
Grooming for Health 7
Basic Grooming Needs 9
Dental Care 9
Ear Care 10
Nail Care 10
The Young Puppy’s Grooming Needs, Grooming for Health, and Basic Grooming Needs

Although everyone knows that a dog has certain grooming needs, it may not be entirely clear what exactly those needs are. Yes, bathing is important, but so are a number of other little chores that are often overlooked.

In this book, I will go over the basic grooming needs that your dog will have throughout his life, to help you better prepare yourself and your dog for a lifetime of grooming. Remember that these are generalities. When it comes to specific coat types, there may be a few extra things that you will need to do.