Life With Puppy eBook Six: A Trip to the Vet

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Introduction 5
The Vet Visit 6
Before the Appointment 7
When You First Arrive 8
The Exam Room 9
The Exam 9
The End of the Appointment 10
Cost Breakdown of a Vet Visit 12
Vaccinations Your Puppy Will Need 14
Core Vaccinations 14
Non-Core Vaccinations 16
Spaying and Neutering: When Should It Happen? 18
Spaying 19
Neutering 19
Low cost pet vaccinations, take puppy to the veterinarian

The first year of your puppy’s life is filled with many expenses. It is actually the most expensive year of your dog’s life.

Not only do you need to purchase crates, leashes and dog food; you will also need to take your puppy to the veterinarian several times during the first few months for vaccinations and other procedures.

In addition to the cost, many owners are often left wondering if all of the veterinarian visits are worth it. They ask questions like: does a puppy need them all? What exactly does he need and how many appointments can I group together?

While the answer will differ depending on breed, your location and the season that your puppy was born, there are standard vet visits that are necessary and we will look through them in this book.