Canine Grooming Secrets eBook Six: Dental Care

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Introduction 5
Tools You Will Need 6
Understanding the Canine Mouth 9
Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth 12
Dog Dental Care, Dog Toothpaste and Brushing Dog’s Teeth.

Welcome to Book Six in our Canine Grooming Secrets: An E-book Training Series. I’m sure that, by now, you have realized that there is a lot more to grooming your dog than simply running a brush down his coat. Hopefully, you have learned a few of the techniques that professional groomers use.

I hope that you have also started using some of the tips we have given in trimming the nails and are ready to start dealing with dental care. Teeth are often one of the most neglected areas of a dog’s body. Many people don’t even think about brushing their dog’s teeth.

In this book, I will give you some insights into the canine mouth and also talk about how to brush the teeth so you even make a dentist proud.