Life With Puppy eBook Seven: Oh, those Puppy Teeth

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Introduction 5
Understanding Your Puppy’s Mouth 6
Dental Care for Your Puppy 8
Combating Chewing 13
Combating Nipping 16
Dental Care for your Puppy or Dogs. Understanding Your Puppy’s Mouth

When you first bring a puppy home, there is no end to how cute they can be. Their little mouths and little ears and even their little teeth are so sweet and wonderful. When you first hold your puppy in your arms, you imagine that he could do no wrong. He is, in fact, perfect.

Unfortunately, this feeling of contentedness rarely lasts, and before you know it, your sweet little puppy has turned into a devil. A cute devil, but a devil nonetheless. Those little teeth that seemed so harmless the first few days have turned into little daggers that actually hurt when puppy bites.

And bite and nip he will do: during playtime, when he’s getting a treat and when he spies a nice pair of designer shoes ready to be munched on. It can be overwhelming trying to keep those puppy teeth from devouring your house, but, with a few helpful tips and a little follow-through, you can make those puppy teeth cute again.