Life With Puppy eBook Five: House Training Puppy

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Introduction 5
House Training Supplies 6
Crate Training 10
Setting up the Environment 13
House Training Your Puppy 15
Dealing with Accidents 17
Training to a Litter Box 18
Training to the Bell 19
How to Potty Train your Puppy? Training to a Litter Box

One task that many new puppy owners dread is house training. This can be long, involved and can be filled with many accidents that are frustrating and costly. In fact, house training is often so dreaded that many owners purchase older dogs in an attempt to avoid it.

If you have purchased a puppy, then there is no way around it: you will be doing some house training. In addition, you are probably going to be cleaning up a few messes, because no matter how quickly a puppy learns, he will still have accidents.

It is important to note that house training will take a fair amount of time. Some breeds are known to be slow with house training and even in the ones that learn quickly, it can take several months.

The reason for this is simply because a puppy’s bladder needs to grow to accommodate long intervals between going to the bathroom. Even if your puppy grasps the concept of house training, he will not be completely housetrained until his body catches up.

It is also important to realize that mistakes made through house training can lead to serious problems with your adult dog. In fact, many dogs that are released to shelters are done so simply because their owners were unable to properly housetrain them.

While all of the books in the Life with Puppy series are important in allowing you to have a full life with your puppy, it is house training that I stress the most, since this is often the area where owners become the most frustrated.

Thankfully, with a little perseverance and knowhow, proper house training can be a very easy task.